Andy Buzzi Discography


Andy Buzzi first learned to play guitar from his grandfather when he was a teenager. He’d later write and record a moving tribute song to “the man who taught him to play guitar.”  Andy went on to learn the piano, banjo, ukulele, piano and drums.  He’s been lead of many a budding ensembles including Carnival Dogs and Aphasia* (see below for complete history) before his metamorphosis into the polished and professional Andy Buzzi “presence” he is today.


Andy has graced stages all over New England and as far away as the moon. (O.K., that might be a slight exaggeration). With 8 CDs,  Andy and fellow musicians have woven a tapestry of rock-folk-fusion ballads that deliver a heady, sophisticated experience to his vintage fans and new listeners, alike. He’s also mastered spot-on cover tunes to the likes of the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Joel, Led Zeppellin, David Bowie and beyond! Andy has the perceptive gift of reading a room–be it party or pub– and know exactly what to play. He always leaves ’em wanting more and asking where he’s playing next.


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Complete ANDY BUZZI Musical History

1988: First band “Aphasia” with Jenny Paulonis, Shawn Latocha, Lara Borkowski, Michelle Chiaverini, Nikki Jacobus. Mostly original music. Played Haddam-Killingworth High School dances, house parties, talent show.

1989: New band “Cheshire Cat”, later called “Pheierle Mayhem” with Phil Beierle on Bass, Rich Demers on drums, Beth Cleary on vocals and keyboards. First-ever paying bar gig at JRs Hilltop in Moodus, CT

1991: First original recordings collection, “American Backbacon”, Pheierle Mayhem;

Joined Clinton/Old Saybrook band: “Groove Daddy” with Andrew McManus on drums, Dave Slivinski electric guitar, and Randy Hunicke, bass.

1992-93:Bar gigs, parties, dances with Groove Daddy, Pheierle Mayhem, Acoustic Duo with Beth Cleary, Acoustic Duo and band gigs with “Slap-the-Cat”; Keith Wilkinson electric guitar, Mike “Dog” Fournier on drums, Tom Nerkowski on bass

1994: “Carnival Dogs” is invented. Ed Merola on bass, Andrew McManus on drums, Andy on keyboards, electric guitar, vocals. Self-titled release of 7 new songs in July. Recorded at Newcastle Sound in Barrington, RI. Produced by Randy Hunicke from Groove Daddy. Keith Wilkinson added to the band on electric guitar that fall.

1996: “Carnival Dogs Dos”  released in August. Recorded at Slap-The-Cat Studios in Westbrook, CT. Produced by Keith Wilkinson. Eight new songs.

1997: Andy quits Carnival Dogs but band continues for several years. Andy embarks on solo career. Recording new material at Newcastle.

1998: Late summer Andy releases first solo album: Medium-Fi. Starts Brujo Records. Ten new tracks.

1999: Move to Boston. Start duo with Dean Christiano on drums.

2001: Release of “To Your Head” on May 25th. Produced by Andy and Randy Hunicke.

2004: Buzzworthy band established with Jeff Nixon on drums, Aaron Bochman on trumpet, percussion and background vocals, Ryan Williams on saxophone, percussion and vocals and Eric Bloomquist on bass and vocals. Officially started as “Sonja’s Wedding Show Band”, players showed promise for writing original material. House recordings at Jeff’s summer and fall of ’05. Tracks permanently shelved.

2005: Andy solo releases “Naive Rock Star EP”. Andy’s first completely self-produced project. Recorded at Jeff’s and HUMC. Moves to Colorado in November. Releases Christmas album in December.

2006: Releases live album on Brujo Records, recorded in Breckinridge, CO : Andy Buzzi: Live at The Crown.

2009: Releases EP: “Songs From Bat Manor” Recorded in Goshen, MA, July and August 09.

2011: Tour South America. Records and releases “Andy Buzzi: Live in the Western Hemisphere” that summer.

2012: “Philly Sucker EP” released at Andy’s Fortieth Birthday Party. Recorded in Higganum, CT and Northampton, MA.

2014: “Buzziband” is established. Eric Bloomquist on bass, Dean Christiano drums, Mike Savino electric guitar.

2016-17: Recording for Buzziband, “Lucky”, first full-length album in over a decade. Sessions at Cool Ranch Studios, Wethersfield, CT. Also recorded live in libraries and people’s houses around the Connecticut River. Scheduled for release in fall 2017. First album on new label: 432Conspiracy Records. Vinyl record. Produced by Andy and Eric Bloomquist.